Kill With Hate

Kill With Hate shares the stage with Cannibal Corpse

We are proud to announce that Kill With Hate will share the stage for the second time in the band’s history with our childhood heroes Cannibal Corpse!

Don’t forget to check our brothers Omega Diatribe’s performance as well!
You can find infos and attend here:

See you guys in Barba Negra Track @ 7/22/2015

Kill With Hate to play with Nile & Suffocation

We are really proud to announce that Kill With Hate will perform at Undead Festival with the almighty Nile and Suffocation. See you in Durer kert @ 09.25.2015!

Details here:

News and updates

Hey guys,

Here’s an update of the band:

So where to start…?

You probably heard news about us in this website from 2013. What happened the last two years? We did two European tours besides our usual gigs in Hungary and abroad. We played shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia as well.

Unfortunately our ways with Marton were separated after our last tour. His replacement is Attila Kovacs known from Superbutt and Watch my dying, as a session guitarist for the summer festivals and shows. We’ll be at Rockmaraton and now it’s official that we’ll play with Nile and Suffocation in September. There’ll be more shows this year, huge ones as well!

We are currently working on new songs, they seems brutal as usual. Stay tuned!

Tour summary / Raise For All fest

So the tour is over. After travelling some 6000 kilometers we are back in reality. We had an amazing time and some fantastic gigs. Thanks to everybody who made this possible for us! Special thanks goes out to our crew: our driver Gordon, our merchlady Szandra and our tour manager Bende!!
Strong new friendships were formed especially with Banisher, Casus and Reject The Sickness! Hope to see you guys soon!!!

Actually we are going to share stage with Casus this friday at the Raise For All Festival in the Czech Republic, so it’s gonna be a blast! Once again thanks to everybody! See you on the road!!

European killing spree vol. 2.

Brace yourself Europe, Kill With Hate is coming to your towns! Our spring tour starts on 30/04/14 and will reach the following cities:

30/04/14 – Graz (AT) @ Club Q
01/05/14 – Grions Del Torre (I) @ Piper Club
02/05/14 – Torricella V (I) @ Pelle d’oca pub
04/05/14 – Waregem (B) @ Gasolina
05/05/14 – Liege (B) @ L’escalier Cafe
06/05/14 – Lille (F) @ La Rumeur Estaminet-Concert
08/05/14 – Steenwijk @ Buze
09/05/14 – Goslar (D) @ Klub Kartell
10/05/14 – Cheb (CZ) @ Jazzclub

See you there death metal maniacs!



KÉSZÜLJ EURÓPA!!!!! A Kill With Hate legénysége egy kis kirándulásra indul Közép-Európában a zenekar történetében először. A turnédátumok az alábbiak:

08.11 – Brezno (SK) @ Bombura
09.11 – Nysa (POL) @ Fabryka Club
10.11 – Klodzko - (POL) @ AK Klub
11.11 – Prague (CZ) @ Exit Us
12.11 – Brno (CZ) @ m13
13.11 – Vienna (AUT) @ Replugged
15.11 – Micheldorf (AUT) @ Disturbance

További infók hamarosan! KÉSZÜLJETEK AZ ÖLÉSRE!!!


EUROPE BEWARE!! Kill With Hate is going on a little tour in Central-Europe for the very first time. The tour dates are:

08.11 – Brezno (SK) @ Bombura
09.11 – Nysa (POL) @ Fabryka Club
10.11 – Klodzko – (POL) @ AK Klub
11.11 – Prague (CZ) @ Exit Us
12.11 – Brno (CZ) @ m13
13.11 – Vienna (AUT) @ Replugged
15.11 – Micheldorf (AUT) @ Disturbance

Further info soon to come! GET READY FOR THE KILL!!!!!!!!!



Wacken óriási volt! A világ legnagyobb metalfesztiválján történt fellépésünkről ezen a linken tudjátok megnézni a felvételt. Jó szórakozást


We had a blast at Wacken! You can check out the video of our performance at the greatest metal festival ever linken. Have fun!



Július 31-én 20:00-kor fogunk a Headbanger Stage-en aprítani.


We are going to hit the Headbanger Stage on 31.07.2013 at 20:00.

Kill With Hate at WACKEN 2013 / Kill With Hate a 2013-as WACKENEN!


Örömmel jelentjük, hogy a Kill With Hate megnyerte a magyarországi Wacken Metal Battle versenyt, ezáltal lehetőséget kapva egy fellépésre a legendás Wacken fesztiválon. Szeretnénk megköszönni a családjainknak, barátainknak és rajongóinknak a hatalmas támogatást! További információkkal a Wackenes bulinkkal kapcsolatban hamarosan jelentkezünk.


We are so glad to announce, that Kill With Hate won the Hungarian edition of the Wacken Metal Battle, and so got the opportunity to perform at the legendary Wacken festival in Germany.
We would like to thank our family, friends and fans for the incredible support! Further details regarding the Wacken gig will be posted as soon as possible.

New concert dates added / Újabb koncertdátumok feltöltve


Az oldalon immár elérhetőek az idei koncertjeink dátumai és helyszínei.


The exact dates and locations of our future gigs are now available in the “shows” section of the website.

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