Kill With Hate

Discography [hu]

Voices of Obliteration (2012, LP)

01. Submersion
02. The Beast Within
03. Servant Of God
04. Epistle Of Fire
05. Pray For War
06. Doubt
07. Imprisoned
08. Speeches Of The Defendant

The band’s first full-lenght album was recorded at No Silence Studio, where Istvan “Simi” Simon mastered the songs. The cover artwork and booklet was made by the infamous Hjules (Annihilator, Destruction, Tyr). Voices of Obliteration has an inner concept, as it’s songs unfold a story of  a serial killer, who acts as a servant of a fictional God, which only lives inside his twisted mind. Most of the songs describe the world through his eyes.

Evolution of the Beast (2010, EP)

01. Madness in the Brain (0:54)
02. Birth of the Impiety (1:42)
03. Evolution of the Beast (3:18)
04. Living in Hate (2:48)
05. Killing Worldwide (2:46)
06. Family (2:01)
07. Anal Angel (2:41)
08. Cold World (2:53)
The EP has been released on limited tape too by Stygian Shadows, and on these 120 copies you’d find three additional live tracks.